Road Crew Employee: Full time position with benefits. Experience in operating and maintaining various types of equipment a plus. Must have CDL Class A license or willing to acquire. Forward a resume by September 16, 2016 to: or Washington Township, 185 Manors Road, Elizabethville, PA 17023
Washington Township Contact Information
Phone: 717-362-3191

Fax: 717-362-4110

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of Washington Township, Dauphin County will consider for enactment an ordinance proposing amendments to Chapter 22 of Washington Township’s Subdivision/Land Development Ordinance and Chapter 27 of the Zoning Ordinance. The meeting to consider the adoption of Ordinance 2016-01 will be held at 7 PM on September 6, 2016 at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Washington Township Board of Supervisors at the Municipal Building, 185 Manors Road, Elizabethville, PA 17023. The Sub Sections of the Ordinance affected by the proposed amendments are listed as follows:

Chapter 22 - Subdivision/Land Development Ordinance:

Part 5 – Improvement and Construction Requirements - §22-506 Curbs and Gutters; §22-507 Sidewalks; §22-510 Recreational Areas or Facilities.

Chapter 27 - Zoning Ordinance:

Part 2 – Definitions – Amend definitions of Yard Front; Yard Rear; Yard Side.
Part 4 – Agricultural District – §27-403 Conditional Uses; §27-406 Lot Area and Width Regulations; §27-408 Yard Regulations.
Part 5 – Residential District - §27-503 Conditional Uses.
Part 7 – Commercial District - §27-702 Permitted Uses; §27-703 Conditional Uses; §27-706 Lot Area and Width Regulations.
Part 8 – Industrial (Light Industrial) District- §27-803 Conditional Uses.
Part 10- Village District - §27-1001 Intent; §27-1002 Permitted Uses; §27-1003 Conditional Uses; §27-1005 Building Height Regulations.
Part 12 – General Regulations - §27-1201 Accessory Use Regulations; §27-1202 Yard Regulations; §27-1203 Buffer Yards; §27-1205 Conditional Use Regulations; §27-1206 Bed and Breakfast Establishments; §27-1207 Farmers Market Regulations; §27-1208 Home Occupation Regulations; §27-1211 Commercial Kennels; §27-1212 Commercial Riding Stables; §27-1213 Farm Equipment or Lawn and Garden Sales and Service; §27-1214 Family Day Care Centers,; §27-1221 Heavy Equipment Sales and Service Facilities; §27-1226 Storage of Equipment and Materials; §27-1227 No-Impact Home-Based Business; §27-1229 Small Personal Wind Energy Facilities.
Part 13 – Nonconforming Buildings and Uses - §27-1301 Continuation; §27-1305 Reconstruction/Restoration; §27-1306 Discontinuance.
Part 14 – Sign Regulations - §27-1401 General Intent; §27-1402 General Regulations; §27-1403 Signs in the Agricultural, Residential and Village Districts; §27-1404 Signs in Commercial District; §27-1405 Signs in the Industrial and Mineral Resource Recovery District; §27-1406 Signs in the Conservation and Floodplain District; §27-1407 Permit Application and Fees; §27-1408 Exemptions from Permits and/or Fees; §27-1409 Legal Nonconforming Signs; §27-1410 Prohibited Signs.
Part 18 – Administration and Enforcement - §27-1803 Zoning Appeals; §27-1804 Permits; §27-1812 Interpretation; Purpose and Conflict.

A copy of the full text of the proposed ordinance amendments are available for public inspection at the township office during normal business hours Monday-Friday; township website (; and the Upper Dauphin Sentinel office.

To review the proposed ordinances on the township website go to Twp Info; Miscellaneous; CHAPT 22 PROPOSED SALDO AMENDMENTS JUNE 21, 2016 & CHAPT 27 PROPOSED ZONING AMENDMENTS AUG. 2, 2016
On-Lot Disposal Sewage System Maintenance Program
Washington Township has prescribed the on lot disposal sewage system(septic tank)pumping schedule as follows:

Year 2016- Property Parcel No. 7, 10

Year 2017- Property Parcel No. 5,13,14,15,17,21,22

Year 2018- Property Parcel No. 1,2,3,4,6

Year 2019- Property Parcel No. 9,19,20

Year 2020- Property Parcel No. 8, 11,12,18

To determine the year a properties on lot disposal sewage system is designated to be pumped out, look at the address label on the township newsletter or your property tax notice. Match the middle number of the property parcel number with the scheduled list above. Example: 66-009-100 (designated for pumping in 2019)
A property owners responsibility is as follows:

(1) Contact a pumper/hauler to schedule your septic tank pumping.

(2) After your on lot disposal sewage system is pumped, the pumper/hauler fills out the Pumpers Report Form included with the notification.

(3) White copy of Pumpers Report Form and a copy of the billing invoice are submitted to township office by December 31st.

Call or e-mail the township if you need a Pumpers Report Form or ask your pumper/hauler as some of the pumper/haulers were supplied with forms.

A township property owner may choose any DEP certified pumper hauler of their choice.

For those property owner(s) who pump out their on lot disposal sewage system (septic tank) more frequently than one time every five years and/or the (5) five year pumping cycle is not in the same yearly pumping cycle as prescribed by the township, may continue to do so. Kindly be reminded to forward the white copy of the Pumper’s Report Form and a copy of the Pumper’s billing receipt/invoice to the township office at least one time every five years, so township records reflect that the last pump out does not go beyond the (5) five year pumping cycle requirement.

Any questions pertaining to the on lot disposal sewage pumping requirement, call the township office at 362-3191 or contact any township supervisor.
Yard Waste Collection Center is Open
YARD WASTE ACCEPTED FOR DISPOSAL: Grass; Flower & Shrub Clippings; Shrubs; Leaves; Tree Limbs up to 6 inches in diameter. Christmas Trees as long as all tinsel and decorations are removed from the tree.



SATURDAY: Second and Fourth Saturday each month: 9AM - 12 Noon.

CLOSED ON THE FOLLOWING HOLIDAYS: New Years Day; Good Friday; Memorial Day; July 4th; Labor Day; Columbus Day; Veterans Day; Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after; Christmas Day.

The Yard Waste Center is funded by Washington Township Taxpayers and is intended only for the use of Washington Township properties to dispose of their yard waste.

All bags and containers holding yard waste must be removed from township premises.

Washington Township will not accept yard waste from commercial landscapers, mowers, or tree trimmers.

Township personnel have the right to reject yard waste not acceptable for disposal.

Recreation Board Vacancy
The Washington Township Board of Supervisors are currently looking for township residents interested in serving on the Recreation Board.
In order to be considered, a Board Vacancy Application must be submitted to the township. An application is available to print out on the township website. Click on Permits, Applications, Board Vacancy Application. Submit the completed application and/or resume or letter of interest to the township office. Call the Secretary at 362-3191 or contact any township supervisor for more information.
Keystone Collections Group (Local Earned Income Tax)
Any questions regarding local tax filing, call Keystone's Taxpayer Helpline at 1-888-328-0565 for assistance or email 24/7 to: > 'Contact Us'
EAA-Sewer/Water Rules, Rates and Regulations
To view the Elizabethville Area Sewer/Water Rules, Rates and Regulations, click on Twp Info; Scroll down and click on Miscellaneous.
Washington Township's population count has increased by 221 since the 2000 census count was conducted. To review the census count of all municipalities and boroughs in Dauphin County go to Twp Info.; Miscellaneous; 2010 Census Count
What can you do with your household hazardous waste. Dauphin County is offering free (one time a year) to Dauphin County residents a curbside program to dispose of hazardous waste. To schedule a free curbside pickup just call 1-800-449-7587.
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